Brush Baggy

We seriously had to do a double take when we saw these.  It’s been a while since we have seen a product that looked so simple and yet was quite so necessary to our lives.  We paint a lot.  We are your helpful neighborhood paint center after all and one of the things that we think is important is making a job that can be tedious, just that much easier.  The Brush Baggy allows you to store your paint filled brush for up to two week without the paint drying or the brush being ruined! That means that the next day, when you see the inevitable spot that didn’t dry quite right, that you don’t have to pull out all of the paint and painting supplies again.  You don’t even have to get your hands dirty pulling the brush out of the bag as it has an easily separated bottom seam, so all you do is hold onto the top of the bag and pull on the brush handle.  We know that there is a lot of rightful concern about plastic out there, but the Brush Baggy is fully recyclable and by keeping you from having to clean out your brush every night as you work on a project, it allows you to only clean your brush once the project is over.  This keeps a lot of paint and any toxins within it out of the water supply. So the Brush Baggy makes the job easier and better for the environment.  That is seriously cool.  (if you want to find out more about recycling and environmental impact of the brush baggy click here to be redirected to their website)

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