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Hardware stores often have a decent housewares section, but we challenge you to find other housewares sections that have more fun, unique, and useful items than ours in Laurel, SF, and Marin! We only have so much room, so, know that these links on AceHardware.com are simply the storage pantry for even more great housewares that we can have at the store for you in just a day or two!

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Home Lodge Logic Iron Skillet

Marin Ace Hardware Home Lodge Logic Iron Skillet

Kitchen Utensils

Marin Ace Hardware Kitchen Utensils

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  1. Call us or email us in Oakland (510/530-1966, [email protected],) in San Francisco (415/751-5767, [email protected]) or in Marin (415/479-9393, [email protected]) and place your order with a human being. We will have your order at the store in a few days, and you will pay NO SHIPPING charges.
  2. Select “ship to My Store” on acehardware.com and pay NO SHIPPING when you pick up your order at the store.
  3. Order online and have your items ship directly to your home or business. Note: a small shipping charge will apply.

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