Updated May 12, 2020

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James S. on Google- “Nice neighborhood store. Conveniently located. Good staff”


Roman Z. on Google- “Their selection is much smaller than Home Depot, BUT they are really great for a local Hardware Store. The staff the very friendly and they always seem to have exactly what I need.”


Kris H. on Google- “Very helpful staff. Parking is easy. Surprisingly large inventory for a local hardware store”


S.H. on Google- “Great Customer Service.”


Rawpinc P. on Google- “Knowledgable associates.”


April G. on Google- ” Handy hardware store, helpful clerks.”


Jane R. on Google- “I love my neighborhood Ace. Always friendly and ready to help…”


Graham K. on Yelp- “Ace is always great and Laurel Ace is no exception. The service is always above and beyond. It’s great to have them in the neighborhood.”


Bonnie M. on Google- “The personal touch is key here. They have all the little things you think you won’t find anyplace.”


S.K. on Yelp- “I especially love this location!… Everyone at Laurel Ace is incredibly knowledgeable and ready to help…”


Polair E. on Google- “Awesome service!! I went with an older truck key I had broken… made the new key, IT WORKED PERFECTLY!! Thanks again, guys!! You rock!”


Etai W. on Yelp- “…They always seem to have what I need, including obscure parts…The best part are the shelves and shelves of components (screws, bolts, brackets, etc)… great and convenient hardware store!”


Charles F on Google- “The staff at this store are TOP NOTCH … They are super friendly and have great expertise. I highly recommend this small business…Laurel Ace Hardware is a tremendous asset to our community. Thanks!”

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Monika T. from Laurel ❤️Recommended your business Always helpful. Nice to have a store with everything we need for the house just around the corner.

Tracie T. from Laurel ❤️Recommended your business I support our neighborhood business. Laurel Ace always has what I need and the staff is helpful and patient.

Velma D. from Laurel District ❤️Recommended your business New owners! My neighborhood hardware store!

Michelle C. from Maxwell Park ❤️Recommended your business Where you don’t have to know everything and they can still help you.

Pamela C. from Glenview ❤️Recommended your business Local and they help with any thing


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