Lemony (no longer) Split

Repairing a broken lemon tree with “Mom’ Michelle

This little lemon tree needed some help with a broken trunk

Even you can fix a split tree trunk, says Michelle Leopold, the mom of our three Mom & Pop Stores, Marin Ace, Laurel Ace, and Standard 5&10 Ace Hardware… “If I can do it, you can too!”

After several years of coaxing and deer-resistant sprays, Michelle’s lemon tree blossoms finally became fruit this winter – so much that the trunk split in two from the weight! (Want a good blog about feeding and caring for your tree check out this one)

Michelle went into our store to talk to some of our helpful hardware people. She knew that she needed stakes, but luckily our helpful gardener had some additional advice for her.

“You should use foam-padded wires to secure the trunk between the posts And it’s good to lace the wire through the holes in the stake”, he suggested. He also reminded her that she would need a mallet or hammer to drive the stakes in securely.

Michelle steadies the stakes before securely driving them into the ground.

Michelle had no problem hammering in the stakes near the tree trunk and then used the wire to tie the overloaded trunk to the new supports.

stakes wired to the broken trunk to give support

Voila, the lemon tree is standing on its own again! And just in time for cold season (Mom suggests fresh-squeezed lemon🍋☕ in hot water with honey🍯 to soothe coughs and sore throats! Her plucky assistant suggests adding a shot of whiskey 🥃 to that but to each (and by each, the Smithsonian is on her side here) their own!

Successfully stakes, wired, and supported lemon tree!

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