Potty Mints

Potty MintsWe have all been there. Maybe, it’s at work and you only have one bathroom but that new coffee was so good, you had to have a third cup. Maybe it’s at your new S/O’s house and you had a little too much of the margarita and taco combo at dinner. Maybe you are at a party, and it turns out that the cheese spread really was too much lactose. Regardless of the situation, we have all been in a situation where we have to answer the call of nature in a most odiferous way. Enter, PottyMints! Instead of the “other” products that require you to spray before you go, and to carry around a liquid spray bottle with you, these guys come wrapped individually like a mint. You can easily stick one in your purse or pocket to take “just in case” and as opposed to the other product, you don’t use it until after that final flush.

They are so powerful that they will last up to 3 flushes after use, and no oily liquid as the mint dissolves completely in the bowl.  So no matter what, the bathroom will always smell better after you use it. The best part is since these are an “after” use product, it doesn’t matter if you were not the one who needed to use them, it’s not too late to make that one work bathroom usable again, no matter who had the extra coffee this morning!

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